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O - Season II - Spring Mattress

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O - Season II - Spring Mattress

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Features 2 sides Pillow Top 

Weight Support System

    • LOTUS SUPER BONNEL® Series: 5 Turns (6”) Ideal for firm comfort lover and great weight support.

Balance Support System

    • ECCP (Extreme Compressed Cotton Pad) equipped on top of coil system to further strengthen its stability, while enhancing smooth movement of each individual spring coil.
    • Microlatex® for natural firm comfort from Belgium. It’s made of millions of micro bits of natural latex that are compressed by sophisticated technology, exclusively for LOTUS®. It is naturally firm yet with good gentle push-back support. (Inserted inside 2 sides of Pillow Top)

Comfort Level

    • Medium 


    • Jacquard Ticking

Pressure Relief System

    • Stressfree foam (Soft)
    • Conjugate Hollo Fill I Fibre 200 gsm (5 cells)

Hygiene Treatment

    • Sanicare® made from vegetable-extract, for permanent resistance against inhabitant of dust mites
    • Allergy Protection
    • Aloe-Vera® with skin-caring and moisturizer control property

Air-Circulation system

    • Auto Air Circulation® automatically and progressively generates air flow within and throughout the mattress through air-permeable layers specially used inside the mattress.

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