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Danh mục dành cho các sản phẩm thương hiệu Lotus đang được khuyến mãi tại
Lotus mattress - The key to make your bed more comfortable. Made from high-class and high quality material, Lotus mattress bring the best experience for your bedroom. Besides that, Lotus mattress is designed with the cloth cover made by Sanicare to protect yourself from house dust mites and virus.
With hundreds fashion collections such as the impression collection, stripes collection, culture collection, etc. We will make your bedroom be the most beautiful place in your house. Style and Design by LOTUS® DESIGN LAB. Made of 100% MicroTex with superative finishing and 330 Thread counts/10
A good sleep depends on many factors for instance a smooth mattress, a soft pillow and the others. That why Lotus not only focuses on drap and mattress, Lotus also cares about the accessories of drap and mattress. Lotus pillow is made from 100% microfiber A and will make you feel comfortable and relax after a long working day.
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