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About brand

LOTUS is Thailand’s leading and most exciting bedding company. At LOTUS, inspiration comes alive through artistic expression by Lotus Design Lab. Your bed will be livened up in style with our exciting design proposals and vast collection of bedding fashion. Established in 1980, the company started off as a tiny workshop doing cut and sew using merely 3 staffs including both founders, Mr. Kamthorn and Mrs. Leena Lojanagosin. Today LOTUS is not merely having over a thousand enthusiastic staffs in the family, but it has grown into multi-national group of companies and expanded its bases to many significant markets including Belgium, Singapore, Hong Kong, to name a few.


Moreover, Lotus Bedding Group has successfully diversified its business portfolio to covering other industries such as mattress, hygiene home service, ultra luxury import furniture, retail, transit media provider, aesthetic and holistic hospital, public bus transportation in Bangkok area, and real-estate development. Development of design and products at LOTUS are delicate yet consistent process where passion for bed fashion is among the key success ingredients. Obsession with minute detail for quality and design inspiration is driving force behind our bedding success stories. LOTUS has always focused on the true essence of the brand, which is not only superior quality product itself, but rather the uniqueness and style of every collection. We believe that we are not selling bedding, but we sell unique taste of bed fashion and new inspiration for your dream bedding style. Explore variety of bedding design proposals and trust your own taste. “Because nothing you really like is ever out of style.” Billy Baldwin (1903-1984)